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Aristotle tutoring Alexander by J L G Ferris 1895 Mid-nineteenth century map of Alexander's empire The Macedonian phalanx counter-attacks during the battle of the carts Portrait bust of Alexander from a 19th century photo of an original now in the British Museum, but found in Alexandria Statuette of Alexander as founder (ktistes) of Alexandria and found in the city, but now in the British Museum Alexander addresses his officers before the battle of Issus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899)
Alexander laying out the city of Alexandria by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Alexander visits the Apis bull at the temple in Memphis by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899)

The dying Alexander receiving his soldiers by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899)

Alexander attacks the citadel on the Indus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899)

The punishment of Bessus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The taming of Bucephalus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899)
The battle with the carts in the Thracian pass by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The killing of Cleitus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Alexander's army passing the foot of Mount Climax by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The death of Darius by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Alexander coercing the Delphic Oracle by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Alexander hands his doctor the note warning that his doctor is poisoning him whilst proceeding to take the medicine, by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899)
Alexander visits the Persian queens and Princesses after the battle of Issus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Alexander at the altar fire on the eve of the battle of Gaugamela by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The army crosses the Gedrosian Desert by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Alexander cutting the Gordian knot by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The fierce struggle of Alexander's cavalry at the fording of the river in the battle of the Granicus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The sacrifices at Troy by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899)
The wounded Alexander passing through his fleet in India by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The phalanx attacking the centre in the battle of the Hydaspes by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The ladder breaks stranding Alexander and a few companions within the Mallian town by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The capture of Miletus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Alexander quelling the Opis mutiny by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Pausanias assassinates Philip during the procession into the theatre by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899)
Alexander accepts the surrender of Porus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The wedding of Alexander and Roxane by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The charge of the Persian scythed chariots at the battle of Gaugamela by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) The marriages of Alexander and his men to the Persian princesses and ladies by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) A naval action during the siege of Tyre by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Mid-nineteenth century reconstruction of Alexander's catafalque based on the description by Diodorus
Alexander reaches the body of Darius Alexander inspects the corpse of Darius The war council of Darius from the Darius vase (published 1899) Alexander visits Diogenes living in a barrel at Corinth in an early 19th century engraving Alexander visits Diogenes at Corinth by W. Matthews (1914) Map of the Empire of Alexander the Great (1893)
Black Cleitus saves Alexander in the charge at the Granicus (19th century adaptation from the painting by Charles le Brun) Demosthenes before the Athenian Council by Louis Loeb (1898) Alexander visits Diogenes at Corinth by Louis Loeb (1898) Thais calls upon Alexander the Great to put the palace of Persepolis to the torch by G. Simoni The Death of Alexander the Great after the painting by Karl von Piloty (1886) The injured Rajah Porus is brought before Alexander (19th century adaptation from the painting in the Louvre done in 1673 by Charles le Brun)
The weddings at Susa: Alexander to Stateira and Hephaistion to Drypetis (late 19th century engraving) Alexander inconsolable due to the death of Cleitus, by Pinelli, Rome 1821 Alexander taming Bucephalus by F. Schommer, German, late 19th century Alexander and Hephaistion visit the family of Darius in their tent after the battle of Issus, engraved by Gerard Edelinck from a painting by Charles le Brun done for Louis XIV in 1661 (1852) Excellent map of Alexanderís conquests using the Latin nomenclature, published in Germany in 1893 Reconstruction of the mosaic depiction of the Battle of Issus after a painting by Apelles found in the House of the Faun at Pompeii (published 1893)

Lithograph from circa the 1820ís and probably Austrian depicting Alexander gifting Campaspe (aka Pankaste) to Apelles the painter; the German caption translates, The power of paintings, Alexander gifts his beloved to Apelles

Reconstruction of the catafalque of Alexander the Great drawn and engraved by Arsenne based on the description in Diodorus (published in 1810)        

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